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Rod started Langton Miniatures in 1989. He'd been wargaming for years, mainly Napoleonic and Ancient land warfare. When he decided to go into the naval side of the hobby, it wasn't enough to make the models, they had to have rules. So he got down to Signal Close Action for the Napoleonic period. This led on to other period models and other rules - these now include Naumachiae (Ancient), Tiller & Whipstaff (Anglo Dutch) and Serenissima (Renaissance).

Carol (wife of Rod) has been involved from the start and now plays quite a prominent role in sorting through castings, packaging and administration.

After a few years, Rod (ex-marine) was joined by fellow wargamer Brad (ex-navy). They made quite a team, their combined interests encompassing most of the hobby.  Brad's now moved on to another field of work - but still very much into wargaming!

All of the models are researched and based on plans, contemporary illustrations etc. This is also one of Rod's hobbies and apart from a massive collection of reference material, he enjoys time spent in museums - especially finding material not on public display.

A brief visit to Holland with friends was combined with research in several of the museums there. The result of this is the range of models in scale 1:1200 for the Anglo-Dutch wars. This is welcome news for his Dutch customers who will no doubt have a better result in this period on the wargaming table!

Thanks again for visiting the site. Hope you find something of interest here.

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