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acw18.jpg (42885 bytes)
Ref: ACW18 - USS Minnesota (Steam Frigate)
The kit contains hull, 3 masts, 6 furled sails, bowsprit and funnel.


acw21.jpg (18408 bytes)
Ref: ACW21: General Price (Gunboat - used by both sides)
The kit contains hull, lower superstructure, higher superstructure, pilot house, 2 stacks.


acw22.jpg (41127 bytes)
Ref: ACW22: USS Hartford (Steam Screw Sloop)
The kit contains hull, bowsprit, main, fore & mizzen masts, 6 furled sails, stack, 4 vents, wheel, 2 deck guns, 2 chain armour screens.

In action, chain armour screens were hung over the side of the hull to protect the vessel's boilers and machinery.


acw23.jpg (38401 bytes)

Ref: ACW23: Confederate Sidewheel Gunboat
The kit contains hull, superstructure, 2 masts, funnel and walking
beam structure (in 3 parts).


choctaw.jpg (17606 bytes)

Ref: ACW36: USS Choctaw (River Ironclad)
The kit contains hull (resin); 2 stacks, texas and pilot house.

newironsd.jpg (47970 bytes)
Ref: ACW42 New Ironsides.
The kit contains hull (resin), 3 pole masts, 4 vents, bow piece and stack.

acw25.jpg (48025 bytes)
Ref: ACW25 Commercial Steamer
Model of the Packet Habana which was used by the CSS as the
blockade runner, Sumpter.


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