About the Ancient Naval Series
The Ancient Naval Series is available in scales 1:1200 and 1:300.
In 1:1200 scale, 100ft = 1 inch. In 1:300 scale, 25ft = 1 inch.

The following is a brief description of the menu selection on the left.

1:1200 Vessels
All castings are in white metal alloy. Kits contain complete sets of hull, stern, mast(s), sail(s) etc - some even have a catapult! There is usually a choice of having the sail(s) set or furled. This page lists the selection of vessels and offers a link to diagrams of most of the hulls.

Painting Guide
This is a brief guide to the assembly, painting and rigging of ancient naval vessels. It also describes some of the vessels fittings.

Ancient Buildings
These complement the naval models and comprise harbour sections (based on the Military Harbour at Carthage), resin and metal buildings.

Ancient Naval rules for scale 1:1200. Features of Naumachiae and several reviews which give great insight into the rules from the user end.

For those who have already purchased Naumachiae, this page will also link to player feedback on particular aspects of the rules.

1:300 Vessels
This is a series for modellers and wargamers with more extensive modelling skills. The selection is limited but every use is made of the scope of detail possible with this scale. A mixture of mediums is used where appropriate for the best results. For example, detailed resin hulls, metal fittings and brass photo etched oars and sails.