Naumachiae - Errata

Thanks for purchasing Naumachiae. There are a few typographical errors and points which need clarifying. Some of you will have had a copy of these when you purchased Naumachiae but check to see whether there have since been any updates.

The Reductions in Class Table (Pg 118 and Playsheet):
On the line for "5" reductions in class, we've tabbed a space too far. The letters J-N should all move back one.

Boarding Modifiers (Pg 110)
Under the list of modifiers for 'Opponent's Vessel' there are two errors:
Chemical/Biological weapons used in support should read 'minus 1'.
Please insert the following modifier: For each tower ... 'minus 2'.

Shipboard Weapons (Pg 76)
Firing can take place at any time during the active player's Movement phase but there is only ever one round of firing per vessel per part of Turn.
To clarify the above statement, please insert the word part. As you will read further on in the rules, there is an occasion for defensive firing and so the original statement, without amplification, appears conflicting.

Oar Rakes (Pg 88 and the Ability Chart)
In the 3rd para on pg 88, the rule "all oar raking attempts that fail become collisions" is correct. However, it is assumed that the attacking galley has had sufficient movement to reach the intended target.

It must be clarified that a player who orders an oar rake but whose galley fails to accelerate or falls away from its target, must still head for the intended raking edge of his opponent's vessel even though it is obvious that it will fail to reach. In this scenario, obviously there can be no collision.

In the corresponding column of the Ability Chart, this same rule that failure means the 'raking vessel collides with target' should have repeated for all dice throws, not just 3 and 4. It was omitted due to space constraints but we should have made it a footnote - just so there was no ambiguity.

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