Illustrations of Ancient Buildings (Resin), Scale 1:1200
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Ref: RA126 and RA127
These towers are identical in shape but are designed so that the detail is shown appropriately on the facing side:
RA126 conforms to a right angled wall;
RA127 joins a straight wall section (eg RA136).

See the photo of Ref RA143 below to view the detail in the casting which is not shown in this drawing.


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This item is photographed unpainted. It displays the detail of the casting, which appears on all faces. Similar detail is cast into the towers RA126 and RA127 above; also the wall sections RA136 and RA142.

The Gateway with Towers can be used in conjunction with the Wall sections and the individual towers.

Gateway with Towers
Ref: RA143


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Bath houses were used as much as leisure centres, as for the facility of washing or the healing properties of the water.
The buildings themselves were often quite. lavish in design and the larger ones had shops, libraries and reading rooms.
Our model is a one piece resin casting which incorporates Palaestra, Apodyterium, Calveus, Frigidarium, Tepidarium and Caldarium.

Bath House, Ref: RA147
based on the bath house
at Silchester, England


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