Ancient Naval Wargame Rules
by Martin Johncock and Rod Langton

Main Rule Book 54Mb
Supplement containing Fleet Lists and Tactics 10Mb
Playsheets 3.6Mb
Introductory Scenarios

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A powerful combination of historical detail and playability.

Covering the time span 3000BC to 600AD, the rules cater for vessels powered by oars, sails or a combination of both. they are based on extensive research including information on the performance of the reconstructed trireme Olympias.

Intended for 1/1200 scale ship models, from small engagements to large fleet actions. Using Rod's 'Ability Chart' system - a proven success for keeping dice throwing to a minimum. Also introducing a specially designed ship base which facilitates the rapid calculation of results from contacts - collisions, ramming and oar raking.

With summaries, step by step procedure, illustrations etc - making it easy to navigate, whether you're a new or experienced wargamer.

Naumachiae Feedback
Q&A and general feedback.

Naumachiae Errata

Naumachiae Reviews
Two reviews which give a good description of Naumachiae.

An overview by Kevin Fisher, winner of the Naumachiae competitions 1999.

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