Ancient Naval, Scale 1:300

We are always endeavouring to improve our products, trying different methods of modelling and new materials. The set sails for these models are now cast in brass photo etch and provide authenticity of scale while maintaining detail on both sides. Please note that the photographs were taken of the original white metal sails.

Display stands and sea bases are not included in the kits.


Carthaginian Quinquereme

  300cq.gif (525771 bytes)


Roman Quinquereme
Shown here with furled sail.

rq.gif (644096 bytes)


Roman Quinquereme with Corvus
Brass photo etched oars are provided with this kit but are not shown on the
model for this photograph.

rqcorvus.gif (567577 bytes)


Roman Deceres, shown here with furled sail.

deceres.gif (349113 bytes)


Merchant Vessel
Shown here with urn design painted on by the modeller.

merchant.jpg (125843 bytes)










Roman Libernian

liburnian.gif (167511 bytes)


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