Ancient Naval Scale 1:300 TRIREMES

There is much conjecture with regards to dates, however, the system of putting 3 tiers of oarsmen - one above the other - is believed to have been invented in Greece around 530BC. It was a great success: the extra power (hence, speed) given by the third bank of oarsmen, coupled with its bronze covered ram, making the vessel the paramount warship for many generations.

By 500BC, all the states in the Eastern Mediterranean had equipped themselves with this ship type. Triremes were to dominate naval warfare - until the invention of the larger vessels, around the time of the Punic Wars.

Triremes required a highly trained crew. The marines on the upper deck had to throw their weapons from a sitting position (in an effort to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible, thus reducing rolling as any such movement would disrupt the efficiency of the oarbeat).


Early Aphract Trireme: Note the oarsmen below deck.

early2.gif (974552 bytes)



Aphract (Later) Trireme - The oarsmen below are partially covered in this design.

aphlater.gif (233687 bytes)



Semi Cataphract Trireme - There is full deck cover for the oarsmen, but
the sides are open.

tricat.gif (307663 bytes)


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