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The Anglo Dutch Series,
Scale 1:1200

opposite, left to right:
Dutch Fluit, 7 Provincien, Royal Katherine

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The Anglo Dutch wars were a series of three vicious naval wars fought between Britain and Holland during the latter part of the 17th century.

Although the vessels were less efficient than later broadside armed sailing warships, in many ways these battles were a precursor to those leading to Trafalgar. Signalling by flag and gun and the use of fleet tactics would enable actions involving sometimes 90 ships per side.

Initial battles were commanded by Generals at sea but by the end of the period, the term 'Admiral' and the division of Vice, Rear and Full Admirals of the Red, White and Blue were in full use.

The Anglo Dutch Series by Langton Miniatures comprises model kits, wargame rules, fleet list, and ancillary items including a Guide to Assembly, Painting & Rigging.


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Click this image for a listing of
the models available,
plus ancillary items.

Each model is presented as a COMPLETE kit, i.e. hull, masts, sails etc.

Choice of Sails in Brass or White Metal:
BRASS: A feature of this new series is the photo etch brass sails which are a mere 4thou thickness. They are thin enough to be shaped individually and yet sturdy enough for wargaming.

WHITE METAL: The main and fore sails are a one piece casting, so less assembly is required.


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Tiller & Whipstaff
Price: £12.50

plus p/p
UK £3.00
Europe £5.75
W/w Zone 1 - £7.35
W/w Zone 2 - £8.55
USA - £7.50

Ref: PUB4

Written to cover the period of the Second Anglo Dutch War, with appended information for use in the First and Third Anglo Dutch Wars. The size of game is variable, from single ships to large fleet actions.

A fast, fun game that gives the right atmosphere and authentic results. It uses the Ability Chart system devised by Rod with his original Napoleonic rules. This is a tried and tested method of reducing dice throwing and paperwork.

Ideal as an introduction to Sailing Navy Wargaming and written in an easy to follow format. They are perfect also for Club Games, where players who are familiar with naval wargaming can invite fellow members to join in with a minimum of explanation.


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The Anglo Dutch Wars
Price: £12.50
plus p/p *
UK £2.00  Europe £4.50  W/w £6.00

Ref: PUB5

84 page Booklet which also includes
List of Vessels at the Four Days' Battle of 1666
and French Fleets of 1666

Vessel statistics for the following nationalities:
Danish, Dutch, English, French and Swedish.

An excellent supplement to Tiller & Whipstaff.
There are 3 columns relevant to the rules:
Rate, Broadside Factor & Defence Capability
- for every vessel.

OUT OF PRINT - download pdf file for free.


Guide to Assembly, Painting & Rigging of Anglo Dutch 1:1200
by Langton Miniatures.

Price £4.25
plus p/p *
UK £2.00  Europe £4.50  W/w £6.00

Ref: PUB6

This is a supplement to our Napoleonic Guide. However, for most modellers, this booklet will
'stand alone' as the assembly and rigging instructions are specific to Anglo Dutch.

There are 16 pages of text and diagrams, again the instructions are non technical with points
labelled A, B, etc.

OUT OF PRINT - Download for free here.
Anglo-Dutch Painting & Rigging Guide V1.pdf


Picture Gallery:
Photos of some of our finished Anglo Dutch models, plus other information.

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