Scale 1:300 HMS Victory Boxed Kit - Price £280.00

The production of this model kit is the most detailed work we have undertaken and has taken over one year to produce. This is after all, a model of Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar and with the real thing laying in the dockyard at Portsmouth for all to see, our model had to be as precise as possible.

We took all the time needed over every single part of it, from the construction of the master - right through to the detailed assembly diagrams and instructions. As with the other models in the series, the photo etch detail was done by Rod using computer aided design. Our special thanks to Brad Bailey for the intricate work on the hull and fittings, and to Norman Swales for the detailed assembly diagrams.

PHOTOS (click on thumbnail images below):
Example of diagram, this one showing the Forecastle section (Note: the key to parts has been omitted for the display here.)

Example of close up detail, this one showing the assembly of the mast fighting top and crosstrees section.

View of assembly from the front.

View of assembly from the rear.



Bow detail
vicbow.jpg (33384 bytes)

Stern detail
vicstern.jpg (91377 bytes)

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