Napoleonic Naval Scale 1:300
Small Craft and Miscellaneous

These were used by all combatants in the Napoleonic wars. They were cheap and easy to produce and although small, were armed with at least one heavy gun. Gunboats were used mainly in coastal waters where their ability to move under oars alone made them a potent weapon especially against ships that were becalmed.

Sizes ranged from around 40ft to slightly over 80ft. Their armament also varied from one long gun, possibly as small as a 12pounder up to perhaps 8 long guns and carronades. Most popular were 18 and 24pounders.

Sail plans were also diverse, the spritsail and lateen sail being among the most common.

The British Gunboat kit comprises hull, gaff sail and jib, mast, bowsprit, tiller, companion way, short 24pounder and slide and a 32pounder carronade. Also some crew (optional use).

The sails are in  photo etched brass. All other fittings are in white metal.

Ref: NNL15. British Gunboat Kit: £8.00

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The Danish Gunboat kit comprises hull, jib, two lug sails and masts, bowsprit, 2x24lb cannons, tiller and some crew. This type of vessel was also used by Russia, Sweden and Prussia.

The sails are in photo etched brass. All other fittings are in white metal.

Ref: NNL16. Danish Gunboat Kit: £8.00

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Gunboat/Landing Barge:
This smaller vessel can be bought as a sailed or a rowed kit. The sailed kit comprises hull, mast, brass sail, tiller, 18lb long gun and slide and crew. The rowed kit has hull, tiller, 18lb long gun and slide, oarsmen and marines. 

Ref: NNL17. Sailed Kit: £5.00   
Ref: NNL18. Rowed Kit
: £4.00

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Launch - Sailed or Rowed.
The sailed kit comprises hull, brass sails, mast, two jibs, 18lb carronade, bowsprit, tiller and crew figures.

The rowed kit comprises hull, 18lb carronade, tiller and oarsmen.

Ref: NNL19. Sailed Kit:  £4.00 

Ref: NNL20. Rowed Kit:  £3.00


yawl.gif (37896 bytes)

Yawl - Sailed or Rowed .
The sailed kit comprises hull, brass sails, masts, bowsprit, tiller, two sails, two jibs and crew figures. The rowed kit - hull, sail, mast and a few crew.

Ref: NNL21. Sailed Kit:  £3.00
Ref: NNL22. Rowed Kit:  £2.50


Miscellaneous Items - to enhance the settings of your Langton Miniatures ship models.
* These items are restricted to a maximum order quantity of 5 packs.

NNL23: Jolly Boat - kit comprises hull, brass sail, mast and a few crew.


Figures *- per pack of 24. Choose from the following:
NNL38: Officers & Ships Co.
NNL39: Gun Crews
NNL40: Landing Party
NNL41: British Artillery
NNL42: French Artillery

per pk

Cannons *- Individual packs of 6 of a type as follows:
NNL43: 9lb Cannons
NNL44: 12lb Cannons
NNL45: 18lb Cannons
NNL46: 24lb Cannons
NNL47: 32lb Cannons

per pk

Carronades *- Individual packs of 6 of a type as follows:
NNL48: 32lb Carronades
NNL49: 64lb Carronades

per pk

Ensign & Pennant Set: a colour copy of one of the following:
British 1801-date: NNL(a) White; NNL(b) Red; NNL(c) Blue.
NNL(d) French 1794-date.
NNL(e) Spanish 1785 pattern.
NNL(f) American 1795-1818.
NNL(g) Dutch 1630-date.
NNL(h) Danish 17c-date.
British 1707-1800: NNL(i) White; NNL(j) Red; NNL(k) Blue.
NNL(l) French 1790-1794.

Ensign only: a colour copy of one of the following:
NNL(x)   Union Jack 1801-date.
NNL(xx) Union Jack 1707-1800.






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Martello Tower.
These extremely strong fortifications were developed to protect Britain's coastline from a potential French invasion. Over 100 were built, mainly around the south and east coasts. They had been designed to carry one long 24lb cannon and two 32lb carronades, all mounted on a revolving platform, but most were only armed with the 24lb cannon.

The name and concept came from an action in 1794 in Mortella in Corsica. Royal Navy ships and batteries manned by naval ratings took a considerable time to capture a similar tower, although it was relatively lightly armed. In fact, they only succeeded when red hot shot that they were firing, set fire to some combustible material in the top of the tower.

The klt contains resin martello tower plus gun and crew in white metal.

NNL31: Martello Tower Kit - Price £5.00

mtower.jpg (54866 bytes)

Diorama featuring a Martello Tower. Please note that the kit does not include any of the setting or the flag.

line.gif (2099 bytes)

Modelled on Fort Barrington, a stone fortress built about 1750 as part of a series of strongpoints to command the entrance to St John Harbour, Antigua. These forts were able to signal each other and it is said that a ship would only have to be in sight of one for 10 minutes before all would be aware of it.

At Fort Barrington, the parapet was low so that the guns could be trained in any direction, its position high on a headland making it difficult for ships to return fire accurately.

NNL30: Fortress Kit: Price £7.00

Our model is supplied with an accommodation building which butted alongside the right hand side of the fort, four guns and their crews. The fortress and building are resin cast, the guns and crew are in white metal.
Flag not included.

fortress.jpg (39456 bytes)

line.gif (2099 bytes)

Shore Battery - these were generally earthen gun emplacements with timber buttressing and platforms. Our model is resin cast and is supplied with 3 guns
(9lb to 32lb) and 15 gunners.

NNL33: Shore Battery Kit: Price £6.00


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