Signal Close Action Fourth Edition - Errata

Pg 16. In the example Fleet List, the British vessel Neptune should be "A" class.

Pg 64. In the Tacking illustration, the title of the 3rd set of diagrams "Failing Tack (3rd Turn of Tack)" is incorrect. There is no 3rd Turn of Tack! It should read:
"Having failed the 2nd Turn of Tack in previous Turn".

Pg 83. "iii. Movement after contact - continued"
Please add the following rule regarding vessels on courses marked B and D:
"On courses marked B and D, should the moving vessel be smaller by two rates or more, it cannot drag the other vessel. Any remaining movement will be considered absorbed by the collision and the two vessels will end the part of Turn alongside each other at the point of contact."

Pg 84. "v. Movement after Locking"
Please add the following rule regarding movement after locking:
"After locking, vessels smaller by two or more rates will have their bows turned 1 point away from the wind, bringing the other vessel round by one point as well. The smaller vessel cannot then make any further movement in the 1st segment of its part of Turn."

After throwing two dice and modifying as per the list printed, you then need to consult the table below:

2 - All fail to receive.
3 - Good, Average and Poor Captains fail to receive.
4 - Average and Poor Captains fail to receive.
5 - Poor Captains fail to receive.
6 - All receive.


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