The Napoleonic Frigate Juno.
An artist watercolour impression by the maker of the model itself, Phil Reed.

Phil is a well known marine model maker whose work is normally associated with exclusive marine galleries. Model Shipwright have featured his work on their covers and published articles on his models.

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NEW MODEL: The 32 gun Frigate Juno
Model Specifications: .

Detailed resin hull with separate skid beams in white metal (so the deck detail below can be painted first).  Overall length of the hull is 145mm or 5£ inches; beam width is 35mm or 1£ inches; height is 20mm or £ inches.

Designed so that the model can be depicted with guns run out (gun barrels provided) or with port lids closed (brass photo etched port lids provided). Other kit contents include: photo etched brass sails, shrouds and ratlines; white metal masts, fighting tops and fittings. The fittings include a double wheel, a belfry, 2 chase guns, 8 x 32lb carronades and 12 x 12lb long guns.

Available at: All Plain Sail - Price £82.50.
(with extra furled main course as an alternative to the set brass one).
Easy Sail with Courses Furled - Price £82.50


About the Juno:
Built in the 1780s, she served throughout the Napoleonic wars.
In 1793, she was with Lord Hood at the Siege of Toulon. Here she achieved fame by sailing into the harbour, not realising it was again under French control; she managed to escape despite fire from the many batteries protecting the anchorage.

In 1794, she took part in the famous attack on the martello tower at Corsica.

In 1799, she was part of the Anglo Russian landings in Holland.

In 1805, she was part of the inshore squadron under Nelson, watching Cadiz.

Exploded view
of deck illustrates the detail below the separate skid beams.

Fittings include alternative protruding gun barrels or closed port lids.

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