Napoleonic Naval Scale 1:300 Models
assembled, painted and rigged by John Westwood.

The following models have been assembled from 'stock' kits,   another page shows two adaptations. They have all been painted and rigged with the utmost attention to detail. The style and finishing touches are both exceptional and unique.

John is well known for his naval models, originally in scale 1:1200.  Rod's production of 1:300 models coincided with John's retirement and a very limited  number have been produced. These models are now sold or are part of Rod's collection which he uses for
display. These photos are just here for you to enjoy.

unreefed.jpg (22014 bytes)

British Cutter - 1805 with studding sails set.


reefed.jpg (17549 bytes)

British  Cutter at reduced sail.


sloop1.jpg (23886 bytes)

American Sloop of War: at easy sail with courses furled.


dutch2.jpg (45940 bytes)

Dutch Gunboat showing French colours.

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