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1:1200 Napoleonic Miscellaneous
Castings are in white metal alloy unless otherwise specified.

Sea Bases Ensign & Pennant Sets | Signal Flags
Disabled Vessels | Non-Combatant

MX1   Fallen Mast Indicators (set of 4) *


MX2   Lowered Ensigns (set of 4) *


MX3   Set of 6 Pinnaces: 3 rowed, 3 sailed (brass)


MX4   Set of 6 Cutters: 3 rowed, 3 sailed (brass)


MX5   Set of 6 Launches: 3 rowed, 3 sailed (brass)


MX6   Set of 6 Mixed Boats, sailed (brass)


MX7   Set of 1 Shore Battery + 5 rowed boats


MX8   Set of 1 Signal Station + 5 rowed boats


MX9   Set of 1 Martello Tower (resin)+ 5 rowed boats


MX10 Telegraph Station (resin)


MX11 Open Boats (pack of 8 mixed)


M41    Lighters x 2 (flat bottom boats for loading cargo - resin cast)


M44    Booms x 3 (for harbour defence)

* Designed for naval wargaming, these can be used as visual reminders of damage inflicted. The 'fallen mast indicators' are sections of masts/sails, each in their own sea base. The lowered ensigns can be painted to depict any nationality.

Game Markers

MX19   Game Markers x 6
2 each 'At Anchor', 'Not under Command', 'Boarding'


RMX2   Game Markers x 6
3 'Ship Gun Smoke' and 3 'Fall of Shot'



We are no longer able to supply the thin thread used for standing and running rigging. However, we recommend the following (available from shops which sell sewing materials): 'ANCHOR ALCAZAR 100% Viscose Rayon. Black - No. 900. Buff - No. 486.


Sea Bases
With textured 'sea' and central indent for hull.
Sizes comply with Signal Close Action rules.


MX15 - 40x65mm (frigates)
MX16 - 40x75mm (3rd rates)
MX17 - 40x85mm (3-deckers)

Qty 1-9
£2.00 each

Qty 10+
£1.75 each


MX18 - 50x20mm (unrated)

£1.75 each


Naval Ensign & Pennant Sets - £1.20 per pack.

Full process colour printed Ensign & Pennant sets, available in packs of 4 of a single nationality. Choose from the following:


British white 1801-date


British white 1707-1800


British red 1801-date


British red 1707-1800


British blue 1801-date


British blue 1707-1800


French 1794 -date


French 1790-1794


Spanish 1785 pattern


Batavian 1796-1806


American 1795-1818


EIC 1801-1824


Dutch 1630-date




Danish 17c-date


Scale 1:1200 plus - a slightly larger ensign & pennant set, ideal for 1st rate vessels. Also full colour process printed. Available a) to l) as above. £1.20
per pk of 4
NEW Ensign & Pennant Sets for UNRATED VESSELS
4 sets of a single nationality - choose from a), b), d), e) and f) as above.
per pk of 4

Signal Flags
(full process colour printed)

Flags and codes were used in conjunction so that the meaning of signals could be changed at intervals - particularly when codes fell into the hands of the enemy.

The signal flags we have researched and had printed are correct for a specific point in time. It is extremely difficult to be precise about the meanings of particular combinations, so none are given here. However, signal flags greatly enhance the model and are highly recommended for a quality finish. They are available for the following nationalities:

French Signal Flags of 1793: A set of signals 1-20 £2.50
Spanish Signal Flags: A set of signals 1-20
A grid system with the 20 across the top and down the left side, gave 400 combinations for the Spanish signal code.
British Signal Flags 1803-1810:
Signals numbers 1-10 (2 sets included in pack).
American Signal Flags: A set of signals 1-10
Using combinations of these flags in different positions on the vessel, there were up to 1228 different signals.

Disabled Vessels for Wargames and Dioramas
Models you will enjoy lending your opponent!

The disabled frigate, 3rd rate and 3-decker set comes complete with diagrams to aid assembly. You can however, add your own personal touch, cutting down any of the masts, adding fallen timbers on the deck, sea base etc.

Please Note: The hulls are now resin cast.
Except for Sunken Vessel.

disabled.gif (249970 bytes)
Click this diagram to see pictures of the Disabled Vessels

Ref. DV1 - Disabled Frigate (set)
comprising hull listing to port, stern, plus items of masts and sails including 'fallen boom & gaff'.


Ref. DV2 - Disabled 3rd rate (set)
Hull listing to starboard, stern, masts and sails. Some guns run out, some port lids closed to avoid intake of water where vessel lists.


Ref. DV3 - Disabled 3-decker (set)
Hull, stern, plus 9 items of masts and sails. The hull is down by the bow and slightly over to the starboard side. Some guns run out, some port lids closed to avoid intake of water where vessel lists.


Ref. DV4 - Sunken Vessel (set)
Kit contains base of textured 'sea' with mast holes, plus three tops of masts which fit 'at a list'.


Non-Combatant Vessels

Ref. DV5 - Ship-in-Ordinary (set)
A 3-deck hull, stern, roofing, masts (unstepped) and bowsprit.


Ref. DV6 - Prison Hulk (set)
Comprises, stern, main and fore masts (unstepped), bowsprit, gangway, 2 pontoons, 3 chimneys, fore, main and stern cabin.



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