Signal Close Action
by Rod Langton
1:1200 Naval Wargame Rules for large and small scale actions 1793-1815.

Signal Close Action
4th Edition
Price £23.00
plus p/p as follows:
UK: £4.00
Europe £7.95
W/w Zone 1 - 12.80
W/w Zone 2 - £16.00
Zone 3 (USA) - £13.30

Signal Close Action - FAST PLAY
Price: £14.00
plus p/p  as follows:
UK: £3.00
Europe £5.75
W/w Zone 1 - £7.35
W/w Zone 2 - £8.55
Zone 3 (USA)- £7.50

Based on the full comprehensive

set of Signal Close Action.

Signal Close Action (4th Ed.) and Signal Close Action Fast Play
SCA 4th Ed. is a full comprehensive rule set.
SCA Fast Play is a simplified version based on the full comprehensive set.
Each has its own Ability Chart - crucial to the game.
The Fast Play version is worth having, even if you already have the 4th Ed. It is ideal for club and participation games where you want to get others involved with an absolute minimum of explanation.

Signal Close Action - Fast Play
Ideal as an introduction to Sailing Navy wargaming and written in an easy to follow format. They are perfect also for Club Games, where players who are familiar with naval wargaming can invite fellow members to join in with a minimum of explanation.

The size of game is variable, from single ships to large fleet actions. Even with large fleets, an accurate result can be achieved within two or three hours.

Signal Close Action - 4th Edition
A conventional paper set requiring only a minimal amount of paperwork, these rules are designed for large scale actions (Trafalgar type) but are versatile enough to be used for anything down to single ship actions.

The Fourth Edition package includes:
Main Rule Book - with full colour laminated cover - takes you through setting up game and core game;
Appendices Booklet with Optional Advanced Play features;
Separate Playsheets including Ability Chart, Speed Charts and Gunnery Charts.
Card Compass, Attitude to Wind Indicators, Firing Arc Indicator etc .
6 Coloured Dice.

What's new about Fourth Edition?
It being the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, I was inspired to produce - not just an update of previous editions, but an enhanced game, smoother, with more fluid movement and ability for vessels.

The Ability Chart remains fundamental to the game - particularly as it cuts down on the need for excessive dice throwing and record keeping. This time however, there are more dice and they play critical roles. In the past, if you had a 'bad throw', all your actions were affected by that same dice score. With Fourth Edition, the dice are colour coded, with one being 'common' to all. The score of the Common dice is added to the dice relating to the various actions.

Other new innovations include the division of a player's part of Turn into two segments and Reloading of the guns, so that the time scale of actions are more realistic. The actual Firing rules are not changed noticeably but there are new separate charts for firing at Unrated vessels.

The main rule book takes you through setting up a game, all you need to know e.g. Vessel Statistics, Sequence of Play, and descriptions of the main actions of the game.

The Appendices has advanced game options such as Tactical Initiative, Strategic Initiative, Outlying Patrol Vessels and Boatwork.  A glossary of terms used during the period is also provided with the beginner in mind.

Any base size can be used as distance is measured from mast to mast. So no problem if you've already got ships based.

Signal Close Action 4th Edition Errata

Please check this link for any errata which has come to light since you purchased your copy.

Signal Close Action 4th Edition Feedback Q&A
Click on the above highlighted heading for Q&A on 4th Edition.

Signal Close Action 4th Edition After Action Reports
Direct from players, describing their scenarios, action during play and results.

Other Feedback:
"I feel that the aspect of two segments greatly increases manoeuvrability and opens a variety of options to outwit or surprise the enemy. The reloading bit I like too. Adds flavour and historic finess to the game. Much appreciated! I like the way breaking free is done now. It certainly is far more workable than in the previous edition. The anchoring bit is interesting to read although I doubt whether it is going to be used often (my experience so far is at high seas battles) although the option of club hauling is very interesting indeed. Might be a good idea when a fleet has to tack in succession and not all ships companies can be fully trusted to perform that." 
Thanks. Rod.

"Just finished the first read of the latest edition of Signal Close Action. My compliments. After the first read, the only 'down side' I find is that the pointing of the fleet still seems to be somewhat cumbersome."
There are so many variables to be taken into account for a reasonably accurate representation, it might well seem cumbersome. However, the instructions are written as clearly as possible and examples given. Rod.


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