Napoleonic Naval Scale 1:300
Sloop of War Wasp

A model of the American Sloop Wasp, whose successes included capturing
HMS Frolic (18) in Oct 1812. She was captured shortly after by the
British 74 Poictiers and was finally taken into the Royal Navy as HMS Peacock.

Please note that the kit does not include the figures, sea base, ensigns or rigging
material. Packs of figures are available  - see our Napoleonic Naval Scale 1:300 Miscellaneous page.

This completed model by John Westwood is also available for sale, see the
Notice Board for more details.

sloop1.jpg (64888 bytes)


Close up view of the Sloop, note the photo etched ratlines (the climbing figures are part of
the contents of 'Officers & Ships Co' pack).

sloop closeup.jpg (105583 bytes)



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