M1: 14x9, H:20mm

M2: 14x9, H:27mm

M3: Pr of Houses

m1.gif (57065 bytes)

m2.gif (39419 bytes)

m3.gif (31630 bytes)

Contents usually
include this
building plus one
other (varies).

19x8mm, H:10mm


M5: House & Stable shown.
M4: House (+ Barn not shown)m5.gif (64448 bytes)


m6.gif (19145 bytes)


m7.gif (28762 bytes)

House: 20x6mm, H:13mm

15x8mm, H:12mm

20x8mm, H:14mm


m8.gif (64692 bytes)

m9.gif (58915 bytes)

m10.gif (67379 bytes)

m11.gif (95690 bytes)

M8: 27x9, H:12mm

M9:22x8, H:14mm

M10:11x8, H:25mm

M11: 14x7, H:23mm


m12.gif (60681 bytes)

m13.gif (102305 bytes)

M12: 24x9, H:19mm

left: 11x7, H:10mm. centre: 14x6, H:8mm. right: 11x6, H:10mm


m14.gif (50253 bytes)

m15.gif (47819 bytes)

m16.gif (43794 bytes)

M14: 14x8mm, H:26mm

M15: 15x9mm, H:22mm

M16: 14x8mm, H:26mm


m17.gif (32194 bytes)

m18.gif (10242 bytes)

m19.gif (86180 bytes)

m20.gif (29743 bytes)

M17: 14x10, H:16mm

M18:14x9, H:19mm

M19:14x8, H:20mm

M20: 14x8, H:14mm


m21.gif (36659 bytes)

m22.gif (37960 bytes)

m23.gif (41915 bytes)

m24.gif (55046 bytes)

M21:15x9, H:15mm

M22: 15x8, H:17mm

M23: 15x9, H:16mm

M24: 11x8, H:17mm


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