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Lg Building
with Columns

diagram to follow

M25: 13x13mm, H:22mm

M26: 11x11mm, H:21mm

M27: 35x13mm, H:18mm


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M28: Section of Wall with Gateway
75x3mm, H:17mm

Copied from the front of the hospital complex at Toulon, 1793. Useful for constructing any large municipal area with a courtyard.


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m30.gif (35486 bytes)

m31.gif (69813 bytes)

M29: 10x8, H:42mm

M30: 12x9, H:12mm

M31: 15x7, H:27mm


m32.gif (141447 bytes)

M32: Ravelin Gatehouse & Bridge

Gatehouse: 12x10mm, H:19mm
Bridge: 15x10mm, H:3mm
Blanking piece for use where additional ravelins are required without gateways.

Complements the Ravelin (RB24).

M33: City Wall Gatehouse and Bridge
As M32 but larger.

Complements the City Wall Set (RB21).

The centre bastion of the City Wall Set has a projecting tongue on either side to accommodate the gatehouse and bridge on one side, and a blanking piece on the other to maintain uniformity of the wall frontage.

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