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How to Order from Langton Miniatures
Methods of Payment
Post/Packing Charges

How to Order from Langton Miniatures (inc Starfort Models)

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Methods of Payment:

  • Sterling cheques and inland postal orders
    Payable to R. LANGTON.
  • Visa and Mastercard
    By telephone or mail:
    We will need your credit card number, expiration date and the
    3 digit security code on the reverse of your card.

    By e-mail:
    Because of increased worries about security of sending credit card details over the internet, we now offer Paypal* payment facilities.

    PAYPAL. Using Paypal, you can securely use the internet for payment by credit card or from another Paypal account.

    Step 1: e-mail us your order and we will calculate total and confirm to you.
    Step 2: Paypal will send you a request for payment of the total.
    Step 3: Follow the instructions given in Paypal's e-mail.
    Step 4: Once we have received confirmation of payment, your order will be sent.

    Please do not send your credit card details to us by e-mail.

    PLEASE NOTE: 2% Commission charge on payment by Paypal and ALL CARDS, both Credit and Debit Cards from 1st Auguat 2016. There is NO CHARGE for payments by sterling cheque or sterling bank transfer.

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Post/Packing Prices effective on orders from 5th July 2017

Please note:
1) We now have Minimum Rates per zone. These are set to cover heavy items which are relatively low value.

2) The new p/p prices set out below are the maximum charges we will make. As we have always done, where the cost is less, we will charge less. Therefore, we suggest you contact us with your order and  let us work out an exact price for  you.

3) The p/p prices set out on this page are for Goods only.
For Publications only, see the individual cost per publication.
Where an order is a mix of Goods and Publications, we reserve the right to charge the combined cost.


Minimum p/p




Goods only:

£4.50 £5.25 £6.25


United Kingdom P/P:

Orders up to £49.99            = Plus 15% of order value.
Orders £50.00 to £100.00    = Plus 10% of order value.
Orders over £100.00            = Post free.

Europe P/P:

Orders up to £99.99            = Plus 20% of order value.
Orders £100.00 to£200.00   = Plus 10% of order value.
Orders over £200.00            = Plus 5% of order value.

Rest of World P/P:

Orders up to £199.99           = Plus 30% of order value.
Orders £200.00 to £300.00  = Plus 20% of order value.
Orders over £300.00            = Plus 10% of order value.

If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch by phone or e-mail:

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