First of all, thank you for your interest in Serenissima. If you purchased a copy of the rules in the first few weeks, you may need to update your Errata as follows:

Moslem Galley should read RDC 50x2
Bergantine should read AP .5

PAGE 8 - under "ix. Points System", please add:
"Anti-boarding devices ....... +1" (i.e. cost 1 point)
(avaiable only to Carracks, Spanish Carracks, Galleons and Galleasses).

PAGE 28 - the 11th line should read as follows:
"..... within 30mm base to base of a friendly vessel on each side;"

Should read "(Ability Score of 7-18)" and not 17-18.

Please add the following under the heading (a) RIGGING DAMAGE - all vessels:
"If one vessel is at fast or normal oared speed = Both lose 10% RDC."
"If one vessel is at battle (oared) speed = Both lose 20% RDC."

Please amend the following two lines:

Firstly, under "Provisos for the Moving Player's supporting vessel(s)",
the 8th proviso should read:
"If loaded artillery is unable to fire at target vessel, then it can only fire artillery at another vessel in support of target, or anti personnel at the target or supports."

Secondly, under the heading "Opposing Player (OP)", the 5th line should read:
"Declared target support vessels must fir their artillery or anti personnel at the target or attacking/support vessels."

PG 55 CHART (same chart repeated on Playsheet) - OMISSION
Please add the following modifier:
Vessel under fire .................................Minus 1


covdrwng.gif (111310 bytes)

GOOD IDEA from David Oliver. Thanks.
"I photocopied the turning angles and firing arcs and using a spray adhesive (3M's Spray Mount) glued the photocopy to 40thou (1mm) plastic card. I then carved the angles and arcs out using a craft knife and a steel ruler. I am doing the same with the small markers on 20 thou (0.5mm) plastic card. This gives very durable playing tools and preserves the originals if any piece becomes lost or damaged.


covdrwng.gif (111310 bytes)


Q: On page 32, a ship that failed to tack must try again. And again? ad infinitum?
A: Only if they wish to continue tacking.

Q: On page 60 the chart refers to anti boarding devices. Do they cost extra points and which ships can have them?
A: Good question, the cost was omitted from Points System on page 8 (see Errata) - it should be 1 extra point.  Anti boading devices were large wooden frames which were used in conjunction with heavy rope netting to resist boarding attempts. They would only apply to Carracks, Spanish Carracks, Galleons and Galleasses, whose high sturdy sides would be necessary to support the heavy structures.

Q: On page 43, if anti-personnel weapons are always considered loaded, can they fire in the OP's defensive fire phase and again when the OP becomes the MP in the offensive fire phase? i.e. can they fire twice in a Turn.
A: Yes, both players are able to fire anti-personnel in both parts of a Turn.

Q: On page 42, can artilley fire at any point in the MP's part of the Turn if it only reloaded in the Ability roll for that Turn?
A: Yes.

Q: On page 11, what happens when you lose an Oar DC. Does each loss stop you using a speed, i.e. one loss = cannot use battle speed; two = cannot use fast, etc?
A: Yes. See pg 51.

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