World War 1 Coastal Series, Scale 1:200 -
Ships, Flying Boats and Floatplanes
by Langton Miniatures

In Scale 1:200, 16ft = 1 inch.
The series includes vessels 'on, under and over' the sea. 

The models are presented as boxed kits, complete with diagram/assembly
instructions and a colour photo of a finished model.

The detail of the models, particularly of the flying boats and floatplanes,
have undergone the scrutiny of well known modellers and received
their acclaim.

Each model was assembled to verify the fit of all parts, painted and
then photographed. The photo etch detail is absolutely precise.

Read some of the reviews, they say more about the models than we can.


britml.jpg (11373 bytes)
Click on this thumbnail image of the British 80ft Motor Launch to view our selection of seacraft.
short184.jpg (9113 bytes) Click on the thumbnail image of the Short 184 to the first of three pages on Flying Boats and Floatplanes.


The WW1 Coastal Series was extended to include these armoured vessels which were employed by the Royal Naval Air Service to support and protect their planes and aereodromes.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Kit price: £3.00
The first RNAS pattern armoured car of 1914 - a modified and armoured version of the standard Silver Ghost. The kit includes body and chassis, machine gun, driver and gunner, all cast in white metal.

Admiralty Pattern Lanchester
Kit price: £3.00
Built in December 1914, three squadrons of 12 (i.e. 36) of these cars were sent to France in May 1915. In late 1915, twenty were sent to Russia. They had a crew of 3-4 men. Armament: 1 Vickers Maxim machine gun and a Lewis machine gun stowed inside.  The model kit is cast in white metal in three parts - chassis, body and turret.

Peerless Anti-Aircraft Lorry
Kit price: £3.00
These vehicles had one 2-pounder Pom Pom.  Our model is cast in white metal - chassis, body, gun and support plus two crew figures.


Packs of 10mm naval ratings are available for use with Langton Miniatures' or any other vessels of this scale.
A pack contains approx 8 figures and costs £1.20.


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