ANGLO-DUTCH Scale 1:1200 - Picture Gallery

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Left to right in the foreground: AD1, AD2, AD3, AD4.

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Left: A customised stern on ref AD2, to represent Tromp's flagship 'Hollandia'.
Centre: The 7 Provincien, ref AD1.
Right: A customised stern on ref AD2, to represent Meppel's flagship 'Westfreisland'.


7Provincien.jpg (88428 bytes) A feature of the ships of the period was their very ornate decorations, particularly the sterns. We have gone to great lengths to simulate this in 1:1200 scale and are very proud of our achievement.

The detail in this stern decoration is in the casting, this makes it really easy to paint. Photo below shows hull in the process of being painted.

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Royal Prince, Ref: AD16
stern view and side view

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Click on any of the following thumbnail images for an enlarged view of photos.

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7 Provincien,
80 guns.
ad5.gif (46296 bytes)
British 5th rate,
36-40 guns.
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Dutch warship,
80 guns
2ad6.gif (61534 bytes)
British 2nd rate,
Royal Katherine,
76-86 guns.
dutch70.jpg (63524 bytes) A19
Dutch 70 gun
ad7.gif (47626 bytes) AD7
Dutch Pinas,
20-28 guns.


ad4.jpg (16843 bytes) AD4
British Armed
40 guns.
ad8front.jpg (15294 bytes) AD8
British 4th rate
48-56 guns.

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ad9.jpg (17814 bytes) AD9
British 3rd rate
70 guns.
ad10.jpg (8709 bytes) AD10, 11, 12, 13
Unrated Vessels.
ad14.jpg (17675 bytes) AD14
Dutch 46 gun
Stad Gouda.
Fluits.jpg (33955 bytes) AD3
Dutch Fluit
14 guns.
ad21.jpg (67912 bytes)
AD20 and AD21
British 6th Rate and
British Galley Frigate


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Hull sides were generally of a wood colour, sometimes with black strakes.
Dutch vessels commonly had green outer bulwarks.
Sterns on Dutch vessels often had paintings; whereas the sterns on British vessels would have more gold (gilding).

Praise of Ships and the Sea - available from the Rotterdam Museum.

The Battlefleet of King Charles II by Frank Fox (Conway Maritime Press)
ISBN 085 177 166 1

Langton Miniatures will be producing some information on the rigging of these vessels. News of this will be posted on the web site as soon as possible.


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