World War 1 Coastal Series -
Ships, Flying Boats and Floatplanes
by Langton Miniatures

In Scale 1:200, 16ft = 1 inch.

The following flying boats and floatplanes are sold as boxed kits, complete with
diagram/assembly instructions, water slide decals, and a colour photo of a
finished model.

Short 184
Price of kit: £16.00

short184.jpg (71175 bytes)

The first aircraft in the world to sink an enemy ship with a torpedo, the Short 184 had a maximum speed of 88.5mph and a maximum ceiling of 9000ft. Armament - one free mounted Lewis gun plus either one 14" torpedo or up to 520lb of bombs.

This model kit includes brass photo etch struts and propellers.


Hansa-Brandenburg CC
Single seat fighter armed with one machinegun. Used mainly by the Austro-Hungarian navy. It had a speed of 175kph and an endurance of 3hrs 30mins.

This model kit includes brass photo etch fittings.

Price of kit: £9.00

cc.jpg (61740 bytes)


w29.jpg (118884 bytes)

Price of kit: £9.00

Model includes brass
photo etch fittings.

Hansa-Brandenburg W29
2-seat monoplane fighter designed by Heinkel. Because of its lack of range, a unique tactic was devised for this floatplane. When weather permitted, W29s would sit on the waters of the north sea whilst aircraft with longer range scouted ahead and then returned for or called up the heavier armed W29s.

78 W29s were constructed, 40 carried one forward firing spandau and one manually operated parabellum in the rear cockpit, the remainder carried an additional forward firing spandau (as in our model).


Sopwith Baby
These served mainly in the channel, north sea and mediterranean during 1917-18. Often carried aboard seaplane carriers, they were used for anti-submarine patrol and reconnaisance. These small single floatplans were armed with one machine gun and 130lb of bombs.

Price of kit: £9.00

sopwith.jpg (49871 bytes)


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