World War 1 Coastal Series -
Ships, Flying Boats and Floatplanes
by Langton Miniatures

In Scale 1:200, 16ft = 1 inch.

The boxed kits include diagram/assembly instructions, water slide decals, and a
colour photo of a finished model.

Felixstowe Flying Boat
Price of kit: £27.00

felix.jpg (61467 bytes)

Felixstowe Flying Boats were very large aircraft for their time, with a wing span of over 95ft and a maximum speed of 95.5mph. Mainly used in the north sea for anti submarine patrols from early 1918 until the end of the war.

This model includes brass photo etch struts and propellers.


Rumpler 6B1
Developed in 1916 from the Rumpler C1 reconnaisance plane for seaplane station defence. It had one forward firing Spandau, a maximum speed of 95mph, a ceiling of 16,405ft and endurance of 4 hours.

This kit includes brass photo etch fittings.

Price of kit: £12.00

rumpler.jpg (63527 bytes)


Friedrichshafen FF 49C
Price of kit: £12.50 (incl brass photo etch fittings).

ff49c.jpg (91335 bytes)

The Friedrichshafen FF 49C - an extremely sturdy aeroplane, even able to land in comparatively rough seas to pick up 'ditched crews'. There were about 235 in service between Sept 1917 and March 1918. The majority were armed with one fixed forward firing spandau machine gun and a manually operated parabellum machine gun in the rear cockpit.


Hansa-Brandenburg W12
These heavily armed two seat fighter was developed in 1916 to overcome lack of defence against attacks from the rear. The elevated siting of the rear gun mounting gave it an all round field of fire even over the top wing and the absence of interplane bracing cables meant that it was also possible for it to fire between the wings.

HB W12s had a top speed of 100mph, an edurance of 3£ hoursand could reach a ceiling of 16,400ft.

w12.jpg (89360 bytes)

Price of kit: £12.00
(incl brass photo etch fittings)


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